Youth Navigating Towards Opportunity
Strategic Plan 2021 - 2023
December 20, 2020

Executive summary

Youth Navigating Towards Opportunity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that directly
affects the youth ages 9-17 in Pamlico county and surrounding areas. We provide a safe environment where learning is supported and talent is nurtured, leading towards a productive individual and community member. The YNTO Community Center will be a place for young people to come together and build a stronger, more cohesive community. Programs in the areas of sports, arts and academics will offer the youth support, opportunities and avenues to pursue that are not currently available in our community. Our overall goal is to reach as many youth as possible and positively affect their lives. We want to remind the youth that the saying is still true, ”You can do anything you set your mind to” (Benjamin Franklin).

1.1 Objective and Mission

Youth Navigating Towards Opportunity (YNTO) is a a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It is a
homegrown community organization that seeks to help young people ages 9 - 17 who are near or below the poverty level and frequently classified at-risk. Many existing programs supporting young people in the county end when young people reach high school, and we seek to fill that
gap. YNTO provides programs to support and guide at-risk youth in Pamlico County and surrounding areas to help them maximize their opportunities to be active and successful members of the community. YNTO programs provide vital resources, such as school supplies, tutoring, and activities designed to motivate, inspire, and provide a safe, productive outlet for the youth in
our community. As we grow, YNTO will build on the partnerships already established with local schools, churches, nonprofits and the juvenile court system to identify needed services, to create new programs to meet the identified needs, and to support existing programs in Pamlico County. These partnerships will help us to identify and reach out to those needing our services.

1.2 Foundations of Success

The most important element of the success of YNTO is its “”homegrown” nature. The
organization was founded by young people who want to fill the gaps that they experienced themselves as they were growing to adulthood in Pamlico County. The keys to YNTO’s success are
  • Participation of deeply committed community members
  • Programs that meet the needs identified by the community
  • A mission directed by those who are impacted by the program
  • Financial and operational support from local churches, organizations and individuals in Pamlico County
  • Measurable, clear and achievable goals

1.3 Vision

For Youth Navigating Towards Opportunity, a child without an option is not an option. We
believe that by supporting young people in setting goals for themselves and helping them pursue those goals, we will empower them to be successful and productive members of the community. We will work to help those who have developed destructive habits and may be experiencing difficulties with the schools or law enforcement. And we will also help those who are lacking a strong support system that may ultimately lead them down a path of hopelessness. Assisting the youth with developing life-long habits and traits that will lead to success is a goal for YNTO.

We envision three YNTO Programs:

● VISION - a program using the creative arts to engage and inspire
● PREPARATION - a program of sports training and team building
● CONVOY - a program of mentoring and tutoring to enhance academic achievement. These programs will be delivered primarily at the YNTO Community Center building, the construction of which is outlined later in this document. YNTO will continue to conduct fundraisers for Pamlico County kids, raising money for school supplies, high school athletics, and family food and clothing needs.

2.0 Organization Summary

The YNTO Executive team will guide the operations of the programs and supervise volunteers.

The Executive team is:

  • President: Taquan Jones
    • The president will supervise all public-facing marketing
  • Vice President: Damon Roberts
    • The vice-president supervise building operations and maintenance
  • Treasurer: Courtney Miller
    • The treasurer will supervise fundraising and operational budgets
  • Program Director: Lakesha Jones
    • The program director will supervise programs and volunteers.

2.1 Programs and Services Overview

We envision three YNTO Programs:

  • VISION - a program using the creative arts to engage and inspire
  • PREPARATION- a program of sports training and team building
  • CONVOY - a program of mentoring and tutoring to enhance academic achievement

2.2 Programs and Services Details


The arts are important to a well rounded youth experience, and engagement with the arts brings joy to our lives. YNTO programs will develop talents, emotional intelligence, and contribute to self discipline and teamwork. These programs will include Poetry, Creative Writing, Sketching, Painting, Photography and Drama.


Physical activity and sports training are important throughout life. Through sports, young people learn to bend but not break and learn to push through challenges. Agility is one trait of a successful athlete as well as a successful leader. YNTO seeks to develop traits such as activeness, flexibility, agility, and strength. We plan to provide training in Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, and Step / Dance. We also plan to provide Activity Days, when all age levels will have the chance to participate in fun and physically challenging activities.


Mentoring and Tutoring relationships are critical for young people in this developmental period of life. A mentor can be a person with skills to share, and a caring friend providing support in
challenging times, and just someone to laugh with. YNTO will partner with schools, churches, the juvenile court system and other organizations to identify mentors as well as youth participants. We will work to connect youth with mentors who have skills needed to ensure individual youth success. YNTO will provide
  • After School mentoring for identified academic needs
  • Goal Setting for higher education, careers and personal interest
  • Monitoring and Encouraging school grades, attendance, relationships and activities
  • Visioning - Introducing opportunities and life paths that these young people may not have considered
  • Team Building Activities - to strengthen mentor/mentee relationships
  • Field trips - museums, beach, boat trips, historical tours